FND Interview: Kala Milburg, Marine Fasteners


FND Interview: Kala Milburg, Marine Fasteners

Kala Milburg | Sales Support | Marine Fasteners Inc.

Meet Kala Milburg, Sales Support at Marine Fasteners, and the recipient of the 2023 Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI) Edith Cameron Scholarship. ​The scholarship is offered to WIFI Members requesting financial assistance to attend the International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas. Travel, accommodations and entrance to the show are provided to the recipient. The recipient has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the largest B2B expo for fasteners in No. America by participating in the many WIFI event and the WIFI show booth. FND had the chance to meet Kala at IFE 2023 and it was clear from her warmth and enthusiasm she was fully immersed in the IFE experience. She expressed how grateful she was to have been given this opportunity.

Meet Kala Milburg, the 2023 WIFI | IFE Edith Cameron Scholarship! 

Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Kala Milburg, and I’ve been a part of Marine Fasteners for a year and a half as a Sales Support Specialist. After spending over ten years in the Medical field I made the switch over to the world of fasteners. At that time, my dad had been in the Fastener Industry for three years and knew it would be an excellent fit. It was very intimidating starting and knowing next to nothing about fasteners. The switch out of the Medical field and into fasteners had to be the most challenging but rewarding changes of my life. 

What are your career goals?

There are two career goals I’m currently working towards. The first I would like to accomplish is becoming a certified Fastener Specialist to better assist our customers. My next goal would be to transition into a Sales Specialist role and expand my skill set. I’m interested in Sales because I have great interpersonal skills and am passionate about providing excellent customer service.

What activities are you involved in when you’re not working?

When I’m not working enjoy hiking, traveling, gardening, attending racing events, and doing arts & crafts with my kids. Also, I enjoy planning all the Indiana branch company events.

Who is your role model?

My role model would have to be my dad. He was a colossal influence in my decision to join the Fastener Industry and has the best work ethic I’ve ever seen. Always does what needs to be done. And has an ability to read the room and adapt to the given moment.

How does winning this scholarship impact your career in the fastener industry?

Winning the WIFI Edith Cameron Scholarship made a difference in my career by allowing me to get my name introduced to a plethora of people in the Fastener industry than I’d ever could have imagined. It was also a very eye-opening experience for me. It allowed me to see what all an Expo entails. From booth set-up and tear down to everything in between. It was a very important moment in the next step in my career. With Expos being a good portion of this business, it was extremely helpful to be able to experience that. I always see the representatives I assist going to them but was never sure what it encompassed.

How will you support others coming into the industry?

I plan to support others coming into the industry by sharing my knowledge and the information I found helpful. As well as the things I think would have been helpful for me just starting out. Such as fastener fundamentals, how to decipher our part numbers, and tricks with our computer system. Also, staying active and involved in the WIFI.

What did you learn/like most about IFE2023?

What I liked most about IFE2023 was how kind, helpful, and friendly everyone was. Even while being competitors, I witnessed some great friendships deeper than just work. Some new and many years long. So many people willing to help people outside of their company and expecting nothing in return was very uplifting. The Fastener Industry didn’t feel like a business it felt like a family, one that I’m proud to be a part of. I learned that shows are used for Increasing brand awareness, networking, and creating new business relationships. It is also a great place to see multiple current customers at one time.


About WIFI Edith Cameron Scholarship | International Fastener Expo

WIFI honors the memory of Edith Cameron, a pioneer in the fastener industry for 55 years. She was as devoted to her career in the industry as she was to her family and friends. She was a trailblazer in the industry for many years, inducted into the Fastener Hall of Fame in 1993 and encouraged many women to excel in the fastener business.

About WIFI

WIFI’s mission is to provide opportunities for women in the fastener industry at all levels of experience, to unite in order to educate, mentor and encourage one another, for the express purpose of advancing women in the fastener industry.   

Learn more about WIFI Scholarships and membership: https://www.fastenerwomen.com/scholarships

About Marine Fasteners

In 2008, Marine Fasteners was acquired by The Wurth Group to function as their primary stainless steel supplier in North America. Since then, Marine has continued to use their expertise in stainless steel and the marine industry to grow into new markets, including servicing the solar, curtain wall, and sporting equipment.

Website: https://www.marfas.com/

Contact: Kala Milburg | Sales Support | Marine Fasteners Inc. | Phone: (574) 338.3189


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