Fastener News Desk Celebrates the ‘Best Booth Award’ Winners from IFE 2023


Fastener News Desk Celebrates the ‘Best Booth Award’ Winners from IFE 2023

The prestigious Best Booth Awards, presented by Fastener News Desk, once again highlighted outstanding exhibitors at this year’s International Fastener Expo (IFE). Celebrating its 9th year, the awards continue to recognize outstanding booth designs that captivate, inspire, and engross thousands of show attendees.

Since its inception in 2014, the Best Booth Awards have served as a testament to the creativity, branding, and design prowess of exhibitors. The IFE show floor is a canvas for companies to paint a vivid picture of their brand, and this year was no exception.

During IFE 2023, the team at Fastener News Desk was on the ground, engaging with exhibitors, understanding the intricacies of their booth designs, and absorbing the vibrant customer experiences that each had to offer. An exhibitor’s booth is not just a physical space – it is a key touchpoint for companies to introduce their teams, showcase their innovations, and fortify customer relationships.

BEST BOOTH AWARD – Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. [RIVET KING]

Best Booth Award Winner – Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. stood out at IFE2023! At this year’s International Fastener Expo (IFE2023), Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co., popularly known as Rivet King, made a lasting impression. Their booth was the embodiment of precision, professionalism, and engagement, rightfully earning them the “Best Booth Award.”

Visually, the booth was a masterclass in design and layout. Clean, crisp, and spacious, it exuded an inviting ambiance, beckoning attendees from afar. Its balanced aesthetic, accentuated by clear signage, made it unmistakable that Rivet King was a specialist in their field.

But what truly set their booth apart was its meticulous product display. Organized and neatly showcased, speaking volumes about the company’s commitment to quality. This, paired with live demonstrations led by knowledgeable personnel, provided attendees with both a visual treat and an enriching learning experience.

Yet, the booth aesthetics were not the only standout, the Rivet King team – was just as commendable. Vibrant, friendly, and always ready to assist, they engaged attendees with warmth and expertise. Their enthusiasm for sharing product knowledge and details reflected Rivet King’s comprehensive approach to customer engagement.

In sum, Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. didn’t just show up at IFE2023 – they arrived, fully prepared and packaged, setting a new benchmark for excellence!

Congratulations Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. 


BEST CREATIVITY AWARD – Crossroad Distributor Source

The Crossroad Team clinches the Best Creativity Award yet again at IFE2023! This year’s riveting theme, “Paws for a Cause,” underscored their commitment to community involvement, focusing on assisting animal rescues. Embracing this charitable spirit, Crossroad rallied support for the non-profit, Troops with Paws, collecting donations to help equip a military veteran with a trained service dog. The expo buzzed with excitement as several rescue groups graced the venue with their lovable dogs, making Crossroad’s booth a magnet for attendees. And yes, I had the delightful chance to interact and even belly scratch some of these furry ambassadors! Kudos to Crossroad for their continued dedication, generosity, and, of course, the unforgettable furry encounters!

Past Best Booth Awards:

  • Best Creativity 2022
  • Best Booth 2019
  • Best Giveaway 2018
  • Best Customer Experience 2017



Parker Fasteners made their presence felt at every corner of IFE2023. Setting the festive tone from the get-go, they welcomed attendees with vibrant, lighted Hawaiian leis at the IFE Welcome Reception. Their involvement extended as a sponsor for the Annual IFE golf outing and unveiling significant partnerships, notably with the industry behemoth, Brighton Best International.

Throughout the expo, Parker Fasteners showcased exemplary engagement, ensuring their booth was a hub of activity and interaction. It was hard to miss the constant throng of attendees drawn to their dynamic presence. And they didn’t stop there – visitors were treated to an array of Parker swag, including the notable ‘Forging the Future’ T-shirts.

Their commitment to actively engage and immerse in the expo epitomized the perfect customer experience, earning them top honors. Well done, Parker team, for your outstanding participation and visibility at the show!

Past Best Booth Awards:

  • Best Creativity in 2018
  • Best New Technology in 2017


BEST GIVEAWAY – BTM Manufacturing

Tapping into the universal allure of coffee, BTM Manufacturing emerged as the star of IFE2023 giveaways. Recognizing everyone’s need for that caffeine kick, BTM generously offered their signature U-Bolt Blend Coffee and Spice Rub as delightful take-home treats. But they didn’t stop there.

In a masterstroke of branding and attendee pampering, BTM teamed up with IFE2023 to set up a full-fledged coffee bar smack in the center of the expo floor. This became an oasis for the early risers and those seeking a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. And, while I’m typically not one to reach for coffee, even I couldn’t resist a cup!

Every detail was tailored to amplify the BTM brand: from the branded napkins and cups to the k-cups and aromatic bags of freshly roasted coffee attendees could take home. This giveaway wasn’t just about the items – it was a sensory experience that ensured BTM remained top-of-mind during and well after the expo.


BEST GROUP AWARD – Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI)

At IFE2023, the spirit and dynamism of WIFI members were unmistakable. From orchestrating the animated Welcome Reception cabana to serving refreshments on the show floor, the women of WIFI took center stage. Their aptly chosen ‘SHEROES’ theme underscored the pivotal role and unwavering commitment of women in the fastener domain. I even joined the fun, channeling my inner fastener Wonder Woman for a snapshot!

Adorned in eye-catching pink capes and sporting their signature ‘Galvanized’ tee shirts, the WIFI team effortlessly became the expo’s epicenter, attracting and enrolling numerous new members. A clear message resonated throughout the expo: the WIFI women are here, and they are revolutionizing the fastener landscape. Watch out fastener world, WIFI women are on the move!



This year’s ‘Best Technology’ Award was a thrilling ride, both literally and metaphorically. Continental-Aero stole the spotlight with a booth experience that was nothing short of exhilarating. Their blend of real-world thrill with virtual reality transported attendees on a roller-coaster adventure. With the use of a virtual headset, visitors were taken on a heart-pounding journey as they experienced twists, turns, and complete inversions. The booth was abuzz with excitement, laughter, and (quite possibly) a few butterflies in attendees’ stomachs. This immersive experience demonstrated a perfect fusion of innovation and engagement.

It’s noteworthy to mention that Continental-Aero is no stranger to accolades. They were also the proud recipients of the Fastener News Desk ‘Best Booth Award’ Championship Belt in 2022.

Past Award: 2022 Best Booth Award 



2024 marks the 10th year Fastener News Desk will present the Best Booth Awards from the International Fastener Expo in Vegas! Take this as your challenge. Reflect on the past, imagine the future, and bring your most ingenious, interactive, and inventive booth designs yet. So, as you gear up for IFE 2024, remember: this isn’t just another year. It’s a celebration of a decade of excellence, a chance to be a part of history, and an opportunity to shine brighter than ever.

Save the dates: September 9-11, 2024!


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