IFE 2023 Fastener Hall of Fame and Young Fastener professional of the Year inductees


IFE 2023 Fastener Hall of Fame and Young Fastener professional of the Year inductees

Celebrating Excellence: IFE 2023 Fastener Hall of Fame Awards and Young Fastener Professional Awards

Join IFE in congratulating the 2023 Fastener Hall of Fame and Young Fastener Professional Awards Inductees

The Fastener Hall of Fame, a prestigious accolade that pays tribute to remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the industrial fastener industry at a national and global level. This year’s inductees will join the ranks of esteemed fastener industry members, cementing their legacy in an industry made of steel.

Emerald Expositions, the driving force behind the International Fastener Expo, has seamlessly carried forward the tradition of the Fastener Hall of Fame. Since acquiring the expo, Emerald Expositions has remained committed to recognizing excellence in the fastener industry. In 2016, they introduced the ‘Young Fastener Professional Award,’ a commendation that celebrates the contributions of young visionaries who have already made a significant impact in the fastener industry.


Bob Baer, Abbott Interfast

Bob started his career in accounting in 1979, joined Abbott Interfast in 1992 as Controller, and became CPA certified in 1993. He managed accounting for more than 15 organizations owned by the Binder family and was promoted to Vice President in 1995. In this role, he oversaw Manufacturing, Purchasing, Warehouse, and IT.  Bob was appointed President/CEO of Abbott Interfast in January 2017, a position he still holds today.

Throughout his 31-year career in the Fastener Industry, Bob has been an avid supporter of the industry, attending and participating in regional and national Fastener events both domestically and internationally. He also volunteers and serves on several Fastener organizations, including the MWFA (Past President as well), the Fastener Industry Coalition (Vice-Chair), and the Fastener Training Institute. Bob also organized an obstacle race with over 35 Fastener company professionals from across the country preceding FSTNR Week in Chicago for the past three years.

 Eric Dudas & Brian Musker, FCH Sourcing Network / Fully Threaded Radio

Long time collaborators, Eric Dudas and Brian Musker came to the fastener industry during a speculative project of their web application development business, and co-  founded FastenersClearingHouse.com, later re-branded the FCH Sourcing Network, in 2006. They launched the industry renowned Fully Threaded Radio podcast in 2010 to promote their growing digital platform. Along the way, they created the FCH Scrubber, an AI-like software tool to manage fastener data, and soon after began providing data cleansing and formatting services to fastener distributors. 

They also launched the widely circulated Fastener Distributor Index in 2011 to measure and publish current market conditions and sentiment. Beginning with their home association, the MWFA, the duo has consistently supported and participated in events and meetings across the industry. Developing a unique blend of services for a fastener world emerging into the digital era, Brian and Eric have forged connections with an untold number of fastener professionals and facilitated many more for those who have benefited from their contributions.

George Hunt III, Brighton Best International

George Hunt III is a manager, board member and mentor in the industrial fastener space, known for his exceptional leadership and charismatic spirit.  As a Regional Manager at Brighton-Best International, INC, a global leader in fastener distribution, he has helped cultivate TEAM concepts steering the company to unprecedented success.  With a keen eye for strategic planning and fostering partnership(s), Hunt has forged impactful relationships driving growth in diverse markets.  His unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with his emphasis on quality and efficiency, has solidified Brighton-Best International’s reputation as a trusted industry leader.  George Hunt III has inspired and motivated others while being employed with Brighton-Best International, INC for over twenty-six years.      


Mike Robinson, Lindfast Solutions Group

Michael Robinson is the Key Accounts Manager for Lindfast Solutions Group and has been in the Fastener Industry for almost 15 years now. Mike has always been heavily involved in our Fastener Associations, currently serving as the President of the NCFA (North Coast Fastener Association) while also serving on the Board of Directors of the NFDA (National Fastener Distributors Association) as the Associate Chair. When he is not talking about nuts and bolts he loves spending time with his amazing wife Aimee and their 3 children Tyler, Piper, and Brayden.

Mallory Cravens Nichols, Advance Components

Mallory C. Nichols, VP Business Development, Advance Components, continues her family’s legacy established by her grandfather Doug Berry half a century ago. As the President of Young Fastener Professionals and a board member for Women in the Fastener Industry and PacWest Fastener Association, she champions industry synergy and inclusion. Mallory is currently pursuing her MBA at Southern Methodist University, with graduation anticipated in June 2024. Her roles in business, association leadership, and education reflect her dedication to advancing both her family’s business and the fastener industry.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this prestigious celebration. Mark your calendars for the International Fastener      Expo, set to take place from October 9th to 11th, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Join the IFE and fastener industry as we honor tradition, celebrate innovation, and look forward to an even brighter future for the global fastener industry.

The highlight of the annual International Fastener Expo is the awards ceremony where inductees are celebrated for their outstanding contributions. The IFE will showcase the induction of luminaries into the Fastener Hall of Fame with a special ceremony on October 10th (at the Exhibit Hall Sessions State from 3 to 4 pm), a testament to the industry’s commitment to recognizing excellence. The event will also feature the prestigious Young Fastener Professional of the Year Awards, celebrating emerging talent and dedication to advancement. One of the unique attractions at the ceremony is the replica display wall adorned with Fastener Hall of Fame bricks, offering attendees a chance to capture the moment against a backdrop that symbolizes excellence and innovation. 

The History of the Fastener Hall of Fame

The rich history of the Fastener Hall of Fame traces its roots back to the year 1981. Mike McGuire and Jim Bannister, co-founders and co-producers of the National Industrial Fastener Show, unveiled the inaugural Fastener Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1982. Drawing upon their deep industry insights and connections, Mike and Jim collaborated with industry associates to handpick distinguished individuals for this esteemed recognition. This endeavor marked the inception of a tradition that would spotlight outstanding contributors to the fastener industry for decades to come.

The Fastener Hall of Fame, once a humble initiative, has evolved into an enduring testament to the remarkable individuals who have shaped the industrial fastener sector. With each passing year, the torch is passed to new inductees who carry forward the tradition of excellence and innovation. 

This living history serves as a reminder that innovation, dedication, and collaboration are the cornerstones of the fastener industry’s success.

To explore the incredible journey of past Fastener Hall of Fame honorees and learn more about the individuals who have left an indelible mark on the industry, click here. 

Submissions for the 2024 Hall of Fame and Young Fastener Professional Awards will open in March, 2024


About International Fastener Expo

The International Fastener Expo (IFE) is the largest and most diverse gathering of fastener and industrial professionals in North America. Founded in 1981 it serves all reaches of the supply chain, from manufacturer to distributor to OEMs, and features nearly 70 product categories. With over 650 vendors and more than 5,000 attendees from 30+ nations, the International Fastener Expo delivers industry‐leading content and facilitates vital industry connections at their annual three‐day show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the entertainment and trade show capital of North America. For more information on IFE, visit www.fastenershows.com.

About Emerald Expositions

International Fastener Expo is owned and operated by Emerald, a leader in building dynamic, market-driven business-to-business platforms that integrate live events with a broad array of industry insights, digital tools, and data-focused solutions to create uniquely rich experiences. As true partners, we at Emerald strive to build our customers’ businesses by creating opportunities that inspire, amaze, and deliver breakthrough results. With over 140 events each year, our teams are creators and connectors who are thoroughly immersed in the industries we serve and are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. For more information, please visit http://www.emeraldx.com


Ignite Your Industry Impact: IFE 2023 Unleashes A New Era of Fastener Excellence


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