Wohlers Report 2023 Unveils Continued Double-Digit Growth


Wohlers Report 2023 Unveils Continued Double-Digit Growth

Wohlers Report 2022 Finds Strong Industry-Wide Growth - Wohlers Associates

Report 2023 features the latest information you need to stay informed and expand your knowledge of the constantly evolving AM industry.

The 28th annual report takes a deep dive into the growth of the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, with insights from 10 industry sectors.

Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International, announced the release of Wohlers Report 2023. This year’s report takes a deep dive into the growth of the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, with insights from 10 industry sectors. New content includes an examination of large format AM applications, including aerospace and construction, as well as a look at the growing number of AM standards and codes.

“The AM industry is continuing to expand into end-use production applications,” said Terry Wohlers, head of advisory services and market intelligence at Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International. “This trend will grow as standards are further developed and adopted. AM is delivering larger and more critical parts across multiple industry sectors.”

Wohlers Report 2023 shows an overall worldwide growth in AM products and services of 18.3%, continuing a trend of double-digit AM industry revenue growth in 25 of the past 34 years.

This year’s report also features intelligence from industry experts in 35 countries, with expanded coverage of Argentina, the Czech Republic, and Greece. Research and development activities are covered in detail, and the following new topics are initially explored in this issue:

  • Recycling and the circular economy;
  • Point-of-care additive manufacturing in healthcare;
  • Opportunities and challenges associated with metal binder jetting;
  • Attracting younger workforce into additive manufacturing; and
  • Expanded discussion of investments and startups.

An expanded section offers insights on the future of AM, including thoughts on automated production, emerging applications, workforce development, and more. Input on the report was gathered from 119 service providers, 128 manufacturers of additive manufacturing systems, and 28 producers of third-party materials. Wohlers Report 2023 draws on the expertise of a worldwide network of experts as well as nearly three decades of data and market intelligence, creating a thorough picture of AM activity across the globe.

Wohlers Report 2023 is a tool for education and information as well as a barometer of the AM industry’s health and growth. Readers new to AM will gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and technology, while AM veterans will benefit from the up-to-date information on growth, trends, and the latest and most important developments.

To access Wohlers Report 2023, visit https://wohlersassociates.com/product/wr2023.

Media Inquiries: Gavin O’Reilly, tel +1.610.832.9618; goreilly@astm.org



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