WIFI Introduces: Maryann Marzocchi Education Scholarship


WIFI Introduces: Maryann Marzocchi Education Scholarship

WIFI honors the memory of Maryann Marzocchi, Co-Owner of Distributor’s Link Magazine

Maryann started her career in the fastener industry at Southern Screw Company in 1958 in the sales department where she developed her love of sales and service to customers. Maryann left Southern Screw to be home with her children and start her own business, Accurate Addressing and Mailing Service. Her at home business flourished as she worked with many fastener companies creating and managing all of their newsletters, advertising, correspondence, and mailings.

In 1976, Maryann’s brother-in-law Leo J. Coar recruited her to start a quarterly publication with him. They saw a need where people, products, and in-depth reporting could all come together in one publication and be conveyed to the fastener industry. Link Magazine published its first issue in Winter 1977.

Maryann served as Co-Owner and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Working together with Leo for 36 years and with her daughter Tracey Lumia for 15 of those years, her love of the fastener industry was evident. Through the many trade shows she attended, her relationships with advertisers, writers, associations, and numerous industry friends she made throughout the years, Maryann had a unique ability to connect with people and bring them together.

“Working side-by-side with my mother for over 15 years was an honor. I’m proud of all that she accomplished both in business and personally. This scholarship will allow other female ‘go-getters’ of any age to achieve their dreams just as she did. Thank you to Women In The Fastener Industry for honoring Maryann with this scholarship.”Tracey Lumia

Application Deadline: June 5, 2023

APPLY NOW: https://www.fastenerwomen.com/scholarships

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