Fastener News Desk’s Best Booth Awards from IFE 2022 Announced


Fastener News Desk’s Best Booth Awards from IFE 2022 Announced

And the winners are….

What a pleasure to get back into the swing of things at IFE2022 this year. Plenty of exhibitors and attendees to network and interact with. There were the usual show exhibitors and many new ones to meet and greet. The show days were spent with a full schedule of taking photos, videos, and interviews with the exhibitors and attendees.

There were many new and newly designed booths to preview, adding to the excitement and creativity of the expo. This year it was not any easier narrowing down the finalists to win the Best Booth Awards.

After much deliberation, the winners were decided upon. They were chosen based on their commitment to the expo experience and its attendees as well as standing out in each award category. 

Congratulations to this year’s IFE2022 Best Booth Award winners!

Best Overall Booth – Continental-Aero

Nylon Insert Locknuts, All-Metal Locknuts and Hex Nuts - Continental-Aero

Continental-Aero brought it all to Vegas this year. Their sleek booth earned top honors based on its design, product layout, uniformed look, and team. The booth was colorful, spacious, with great signage identifying what they did, and the display of their product samples that was neat and organized. Their team was energetic, pleasant, and helpful in their interactions with attendees, pointing out products and sharing product information.  Continental- Aero came prepared this year with the full package.

 Best Group – Brighton Best International

Brighton Best

Brighton Best brings it to every show. They have the largest contingent of employees at the expo. All of them wearing the BBI uniform and eager to assist attendees with questions on all their product lines. Many of their employees have been with BBI for their entire career in the fastener industry. BBI clearly takes care of its people on all sides of the sale. From the show floor to the private meetings and customer gatherings the BBI employees exemplify how to take care of business.

Past Best Booth Awards for Brighton Best include:

  • Best Digital Booth 2020
  • Best Booth 2018
  • Best Character 2016

 Best Customer Experience – Fuller Metric Parts Ltd. & Pacific Bolt Manufacturing

Fuller Fasteners - Extensive inventory of metric fasteners & inch fasteners  : Fuller FastenersPacific Bolt Manufacturing Ltd. — CME

The Fuller Metric & Pacific Bolt companies joined together on their booth. Prepared to serve the show attendees with their Canadian Bolt Bar, they served up beverages and the company knowledge that the attendees craved. This booth had a full bar and a waiting line. It was full every time I walked by. A great customer experience was created by these two companies by providing a favorite drink and a comfortable atmosphere to do business.

Best Giveaway – Risco Fasteners

Risco Fasteners – Welcome to Risco

Risco Fasteners was spot on with their giveaways. Not your typical mass-produced promotional show item, this took some thought and planning. A whole series of adult beverages in cans that were named after their products. The cans had the company name, product name, and a graphic identifying what they sell. I’m told the actual beverage was served at the correct temperature and went down easy.

Best Creativity – Afixx Crossroads

The folks at Afixx/Crossroads find new ways to outdo themselves every year. This year’s theme of a ‘Backyard Bash’ was a series of challenging games that tested your agility and skill. Flip the cup, roll three of a kind (with the biggest dice in Vegas), a giant Jenga, cornhole and a polaroid selfie and get in done in the fastest time possible. Even though I was not in the top 50 with my score, thank you Afixx/Crossroads for all the fun!

Past Best Booth Awards for Brighton Best include:

  • Best Booth 2019
  • Best Giveaway 2018
  • Best Customer Experience 2017

Best Use of Technology – Fry Steel

Fry Steel Online Ordering

Fry Steel showcased how to use technology to interact with attendees in their booth. If you can’t bring customers to your manufacturing plant, why not bring the plant to them. The use of a virtual headset that allowed you to walk around the Fry Steel facility gave attendees a firsthand view of their capabilities and products. Great use of technology to showcase your product and engage with attendees.


IFE 2022 Fastener Hall of Fame & Young Professional of the Year Award Ceremony

“Happy Days are Here Again” at IFE 2022

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