AFIXX Alliance & Crossroad Distributor Source Team Up at the International Fastener Expo


AFIXX Alliance & Crossroad Distributor Source Team Up at the International Fastener Expo

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Afixx Alliance and Crossroad Distributor Source will once again be teaming up at the International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas on October 18-19, 2022, featuring our BackYard Bash.  As we come together again to celebrate our Industry & partnerships, both companies have new and exciting products and programs to feature at this year’s show. Our booths have received Best Booth Awards from the Fastener News Desk the past three shows, and we strive for this year to be just as entertaining.  We have a fun interactive competition, giveaways for our participants, and prizes for our winners. So come on by, say hi and enjoy; participation is open to all.  We are really looking forward to the 2022 show and know that both AFIXX and Crossroad are committed to our customers and promise to keep the same Team(work) approach that everyone experiences at the show throughout our day-to-day operations.

AFIXX Alliance®, with a focus on our innovative E-Commerce platform,, which offers a vast inventory of products for the industrial and fastener markets with the service to match. In addition to our AFIXX brand of Rivets, Rivet Nuts and Cable Ties, as well as our other partner brands, we have recently added, Socket Products by Camcar®, Specialty Screws by Optia® and Retaining Rings, Wave Springs, and Hose Clamps by Rotor Clip®.  For additional information on any of the AFIXX line of products, please visit us at

Located in the Indianapolis area, the Crossroads of America, Crossroad Distributor Source® is your source for Powercoil® wire thread inserts and kits, Loksert® key-locking inserts and Bondsert® thread inserts for metal, AFIXX® blind rivets; the bestselling Black Book® technical reference series and other tools and accessories including its newest product E-Z Chamfer®. They are a master distributor supplying industrial and fastener distributors throughout North America, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America. They are proud of their commitment to service their customers in a world-class fashion, with the ability to provide the technical expertise to support that distribution chain. For more information on the Crossroad product lines, please visit us at

Contact AFIXX today, 909.334.7820 or

Contact Crossroad today, 317.723.5050 or

Contact: Kendal Speer

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