The Olander Company, Inc. Achieves ISO-Certification


The Olander Company, Inc. Achieves ISO-Certification

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The Olander Company, Inc. is now ISO-Certified

The wholesaler’s Quality Management System has met the standards for official accreditation

October 3, 2022

Sunnyvale, CA – Fastener distributor The Olander Company, Inc. has confirmed last month that they are now certified by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, as meeting the high standards for quality outlined in their ISO 9001:2015 edition.

When serving industries like medical technology, semiconductor manufacturing, and automotive and aerospace engineering, a meticulous quality management system is key. Olander’s internal processes focus on continuous improvement and thorough documentation. “Our policy is that Olander meets or exceeds our customer’s requirements with quality products at competitive prices, through our Quality Management System (QMS) and continuous improvement process,” says Richard Thiedt, Operations and Quality Manager at Olander, who oversaw the auditing and certification process. “We’re glad to finally be certified,” he continued. “It has always been a priority for us at Olander to be excellent corporate partner to our customers, and they’ll now have the additional assurance of our ISO certification. We stand by our products and services, and constantly work to improve.”

ISO quality standards evolve and are updated periodically; Olander’s certification indicates that the company will update its systems in accordance with the standard when necessary. For now, they continue to forge ahead with their already-successful 2022 business year: “ISO 9001:2015 Certification is not us trying to ‘check a box’ because it is the latest initiative or corporate fad,” remarks David Byrne, CEO. “Olander is embracing the spirit of ISO and continuous improvement because we believe it will make us a better company, and improve the quality of the products and services we offer our customers, in the long run. We are excited about our future. And I am so grateful for the dedication of our Quality Team and all of our employees, who did the hard work to earn this certification.”

The Sunnyvale-based company celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2022.

ABOUT THE OLANDER COMPANY, INC: The Olander Company is a full-line distributor of standard and metric fasteners; including commercial and specialty fasteners, precision hardware, electromechanical components, tools, adhesives, and wire management products. Founded in the Silicon Valley in 1962, Olander now serves customers in more than 45 countries. Companies in the semiconductor, medical device, aerospace, telecommunications, alternative energy, robotics, and other industries source their fasteners from an in-house inventory of over 65,000 items, and get the most out of their hardware with Olander’s value-added services. For more information, visit 


Dana Morgan, Marketing Communications Coordinator

144 Commercial Street, Sunnyvale CA 94086

Office: 408-617-2739


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