IFE Announces First Ever Keynote Speaker


IFE Announces First Ever Keynote Speaker

For the first time in IFE history, there will be a keynote speaker, Dirk Beveridge, founder of UnleashWD and We Supply America.

Dirk Beveridge is a leading advocate of change and innovation. As one of the country’s most outstanding speakers, he delivers a new voice, a new energy, and a new outlook. Dirk’s presentations are unparalleled. He delivers original, proven, and often disruptive thinking.

Keynote Session: Innovate! How To Create Relevancy In The Age of Disruption

85% of distribution leaders believe that they must reinvent their business before someone else does.  As you continue to operate the business today, how can you unleash the spirit of innovation to build a relevant, stronger, and more profitable future?  The answer will become apparent throughout Dirk’s inspiring and informative presentation as he introduces the five elements of The Innovative Distributor™️.

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