LindFast Group Acquires Star Stainless Screw Co.


LindFast Group Acquires Star Stainless Screw Co.

July 28, 2022


From the office of the President, Star Stainless Screw Company

LindFast Solutions Group (LSG), a leading master distributor of specialty fasteners in North America, today announced the completion of its purchase of Star Stainless Screw Company (Star). Together LSG and Star will be even more effective at meeting the needs of their diverse customer base, ranging from stainless to inch, to metric, to value-added services, and more. “We believe the combination of LSG and Star will give our collective customers unparalleled ability to meet all of their fastener needs with one company,” said LindFast CEO Bill Niketas. “With Star’s 14 branches and distribution centers across North America and the 16 locations we have, this collective footprint will allow our customers to access product even more efficiently than in the past.”

As with other recent acquisitions by LindFast, little change is expected in the near term from a customer perspective. LSG’s goal is to maintain the exceptional Star brand name in the market. For the foreseeable future, Star will continue to operate out of its existing facilities, will remain on the same ERP system, and will extend the same policies currently in place. LSG is pleased to welcome Star Stainless to the LindFast team, confident that this combination will be a powerful force to better serve all customers involved.

About LindFast Solutions Group

Headquartered in Blaine, MN, LindFast is a master distributor of specialty fasteners in the North American market serving a broad base of national, regional, and local distribution customers through its metric (Lindstrom) and imperial (Stelfast) product brands.

As a master distributor, LindFast provides an important link in the fastener supply chain by offering a deep inventory as a “virtual warehouse” of approximately 130,000 low volume, slow moving SKUs that distribution customers need quickly but are non-economical to inventory and source ourselves. These SKUs represent high‐touch, specialty products that can be difficult to source due to their unique length, diameter, thread pitch, metal choice, or finish.

In addition to our unique product offering and virtual warehouse services, LindFast provides our distribution customers a range of value‐added services such as break bulk, packaging, kitting, plating, coating, and guaranteed stock programs, among others.

LindFast Solutions Group

2950 100th Court NE

Blaine, MN 5544

For More Information Contact: 

Tim Roberto (510)500-9925

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