IN THE NEWS with Fastener News Desk the Week of May 30th, 2022


IN THE NEWS with Fastener News Desk the Week of May 30th, 2022

Tuesday June 7th, The Fastener Training Institute and the Industrial Fastener Institute will have their webinar Fastener Training Class, Workmanship – The Impact of Imperfections and Surface Discontinuities. This two-hour webinar covers common cold-heading and fastener imperfections and surface discontinuities, starting with those stemming from the raw material and progressing through the manufacturing processes of heading and rolling. For more info go to

On June 9th Pac-West Fastener Association will have their After Hours get together in Denver, CO, Stop by and meet other people in the fastener industry and expand your professional network. Go to for more info.

The National Fastener Distributors Association will host the 2022 NFDA Annual Meeting and Executive Sales Planning Sessions® (ESPS®). The meeting will take place at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Minneapolis, MN. June 21 – 23, 2022. For more info go to

The Fastener Training Institute

The Fastener Training Institute’s Fastener Training Week in-person training class is scheduled for August 22-26 in Chicago. This advanced technical training program is offered in partnership with Industrial Fastener Institute and is for fastener distributors, manufacturers, and end-users.

Fastener Training Week, hosted by the Mid-West Fastener Association, offers five intensive days of education and plant tours as part of the FTI Certified Fastener Specialist™ (CFS) advanced technical training program. After completing this industry training in a small group environment and passing a final exam, attendees are eligible for the Certified Fastener Specialist™ (CFS) designation.


Save The Week for the Midwest Fastener Association’s FSTNR WEEK! Happening August 21-26th. Get involved in a Bed Building Event that benefits the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Organization, plus A Fastener seminar, golf outing and lots more! 👉 Registration and more info:

Twitter: @MWFA_News @ShpBeds

🏆 The International Fastener Expo Fastener Hall of Fame recognizes professionals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the fastener industry. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Hall of Fame Awards! Who do you think should be honored with this prestigious award this year? To nominate go to The deadline to submit nominations is July 30th. Twitter: @FastenerShow

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