IN THE NEWS with Fastener News Desk the Week of April 25th, 2022


IN THE NEWS with Fastener News Desk the Week of April 25th, 2022

I’m Lisa Kleinhandler, Editor-in-Chief at Fastener News Desk…

It’s IN THE NEWS the Week of April 25th, 2022

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In Fastener News…

THE MARCH FASTENER DISTRIBUTOR INDEX (FDI) TICKED UP AGAIN THIS MONTH TO 57.2. Strongly rallying, the Forward-Looking Indicator (FLI) ALSO climbed to 65.4 after sagging to 55.6 the previous month, marking the 22nd consecutive month of positive outlook. The FASTENER DISTRIBUTOR INDEX is a monthly survey of North American fastener distributors, conducted with the FCH Sourcing Network and Baird with support from the National Fastener Distributors Association. It offers insights into current fastener industry trends/outlooks.

Fully Threaded Radio Episode 176…Once You’re In… is LIVE! Tune in with hosts Eric Dudas and Brian Musker. In this episode they talk about the old adage about people not leaving the fastener industry proves true again as reluctant highway pilot Tim “Action” Jackson returns.  Back from an extended RV misadventure to report on the recent Pac-West conference, he sees the industry with the eye of an outsider coming back in.  Likewise, the screw biz was never far from the heart of life-long thread man Don “The Amazing” Shan, as he announces an all-new venture after a brief hiatus. Listen now at

FND would like to welcome and thank our NEW SPONSOR:

The International Fastener Expo the Largest B2B expo of Industrial Fasteners and Tooling & Machinery in North America. Since 1981, the event continues to bring together the manufacturers and master distributors of fasteners, precision formed parts, fastener machinery & tooling and other related products and services with distributors and sales agents in the entire supply and distribution chain. Held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, the event consists of an all-day conference program presented by endorsing fastener associations. Be sure to save the dates: October 17-19th, 2022. For more info go to

 In other Fastener Industry News…

Century Fasteners Corp. Co- Founders, the late George Stieglitz, and Jack Schlegel, have been added to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s – “Wall of Honor”. From the early days in the Brooklyn Navy Shipyard to today with over 500 parts on the world’s most advanced fighter jet and the countless other DoD, NASA and Military programs supported.  Their vision and leadership ultimately led to Century contributing to the advancement and innovation in Aerospace and Space technology.

George and Jack have their names, pictures and profiles currently listed on the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum “Wall of Honor” website and will have their names permanently engraved on Foil #49.

In Distribution News…

This next segment is a great opportunity for distributors to elevate their workforce. If you don’t already know the name Dirk Beveridge we encourage you to learn more about Dirk and the We Supply America RV Tour Across America.

Dirk is hitting the road in May to officially launch the 2022 We Supply America Tour to Keep Telling Distributors’ Stories. In a recent press release Dirk explains that “Distribution is an American success story, one conceived from blood, sweat and tears and passed down through generations. This passion lives within the hearts and souls of the people themselves, but rarely gets recognized”. Each day on the tour, Dirk will bring the We Supply America RV to different distributor locations to create a meaningful employee experience that engages and energizes your people around the important work they do, your culture and your values. Many distributors leverage the tour stop in their marketing, recruiting and employee communications to further their mission.

For more info go to

In 3D Printing News…

Würth Additive Group is Hitting the Road Again with their 3D DEMO DAYS Tour!

Join Wurth as they travel across North America to showcase their entire spectrum of 3D printing and digital inventory capabilities. Their next Tour stop is on May 5th in Roanoke, VA.

Check out their tour schedule to see when they’ll be in your area! For more info go to

In Upcoming Event News:

The Fastener Training Institute

The Fastener Training Institute

Are you ready to become a CFS? That’s a Certified Fastener Specialist!  You won’t want to miss The Fastener Training Institute’s Fastener Training Week coming to the Industrial Fastener Institute in Cleveland! Fastener Training Week begins next Monday, the dates are May 2nd – 6th. For more info go to  Twitter: @FastenerSchool @IFIConnects

🏆 The International Fastener Expo Fastener Hall of Fame recognizes professionals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the #fastener industry. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Hall of Fame Awards! Who do you think should be honored with this prestigious award this year? To nominate go to The deadline to submit nominations is July 30th. Twitter: @FastenerShow

The stories we featured in this week’s episode of IN THE NEWS can be found at Fastener News Desk or in our Twitter feed @FastenerNews and on LinkedIn in the Fastener News Group!

Fastener News Desk is almost ready for the grand opening of the Fastener Museum! The online museum will feature a collection of industry memorabilia that dates back over the past decades. We welcome your fastener company to share individual digital images of your memorabilia with us to add to the Fastener Museum and help create the largest online collection of fastener related history.

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Product Genius Technology’s services include, data cleaning and preparation, consulting, and strategizing. Contact or call 1-800-fasteners to find out how to get started today.

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Until next week, be well, be safe and Keep it Fastenating.


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