Tim O’Keeffe Awarded Fastener Professional of the Year


Tim O’Keeffe Awarded Fastener Professional of the Year

The National Fastener Distributors Association (NFDA) is pleased to announce that Tim O’Keeffe of G. L. Huyett (Minneapolis, Kansas) is the 2022 recipient of its Fastener Professional of the Year award.

The Fastener Professional of the Year award was created by NFDA to honor individuals and companies that make a substantial positive impact on people’s lives. Past recipients include:

• Robbie Gilchrist of Capital Marketing

• Jim Ruetz of AIS

• Kevin Queenin of Specialty Bolt & Screw

• Don Nowak of Falcon Fastening Solutions

• Jim Derry of Field

In his nomination of Tim to receive this award, Mike McGuire of Worldwide Fastener Sources said, “Tim is not only one of the better innovators and mentors in our industry today, but Tim understands well the value of ‘paying it forward.’”

In 2020, O’Keeffe was inducted into the National Fastener Hall of Fame. In 2021 he was named by Worldwide Fastener Sources as its first ever Fastener Professional of the Year for “acumen, business culture, and charitable work.” He is a regular columnist for the American Fastener Journal, and he and his colleagues at G.L. Huyett invest in charitable work and community betterment. O’Keeffe was the Associate Chair of the NFDA from 2007-2010. In addition, he has taught college courses and is a consultant for private equity firms.

Tim will receive his award at the NFDA Annual Meeting & ESPS® Welcome Reception in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 21, 2022.

Nominations for the next Fastener Professional of the Year award will open in January 2023.

Content Source: NFDA


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