IN THE NEWS with Fastener News Desk the Week of March 28th, 2022


IN THE NEWS with Fastener News Desk the Week of March 28th, 2022

It’s IN THE NEWS with Fastener News Desk the Week of March 28th, 2022


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In Acquisition News…

This week gets off to a fast start for fastener acquisitions, just this morning…Bamal Fastener announced the acquisition of A&B Fasteners of Winder, GA and Industrial Depot of Gainesville, GA!

To learn more about Bamal visit: Twitter: @Bamal_Fastener

In Fastener Industry News…

Würth Revcar Fasteners, a Würth Industry North America company, announced that it has fully leased a distribution warehouse building, consisting of 387,558 square feet, that had been occupied by the Home Shopping Network for the past 30 years. The building will be the single largest Würth facility in North America and serve as the new headquarters and primary distribution center for Würth Revcar – Industrial Division. The renovated space is expected to open in the third quarter of 2022. Dan Hill, chief executive officer said “We are thrilled to relocate Würth Revcar to a new, larger headquarters in Roanoke,” “This move represents another significant milestone for our fast-growing organization. The new facility supports our customer-centric distribution strategy in North America while accommodating our growing team. 

Tune into the Fastener Industry’s favorite podcast Fully Threaded Radio Episode 174 “Hyper Threaded” is LIVE! There’s no hyperbole suggesting the fastener industry is moving at a hyperbolic rate, as world events impact supply and pricing at a dizzying pace. Here about the latest Fastener Distributor Index and doing business in a climate of uncertainty. WINA senior director Ken Misch explains how Würth Industry North America meets these challenges with their NEW state-of-the-art distribution center technology. Check out this month’s episode with hosts Eric Dudas and Brian Musker in the industry’s favorite podcast. Listen now at: Twitter: @FullyThreaded

Congratulations to Gail Friedberg Rottenstrich Co-Founder & CEO Of ZAGO Fasteners, she was chosen as one of the Top 40: Women in Business by ROI New Jersey…

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